I like to use different methodes/techniques to get to the core of a problem, question, health issue, etc. Below I describe all the methods that can be used during a session.



This is a healing method that works very instantly. The technique deals with convictions that are in the way and are undesirable. The beliefs that are undesirable block your growth and your life ('I'm not good enough', 'people are not allowed me').

The change in theta healing on these convictions takes place at the most profound level, the level of the storage of all information in the body; the DNA. Direct healing is possible as a result. It is possible to solve year-long convictions in 1 session.

Theta healing is really a great and simple way of looking at yourself and the world, that works to heal your life. I have used it many times in my work as a midwife (there are an enormous amount of convictions about motherhood, birth , between husband and wife) and a lot was healed by it.

Sometimes theta healing is the only thing that is needed in a session.

A few examples of beliefs are; "If I let go of my fears, I will die," 'If I have solved all my issues, my existence ends',' I must bear the anger and grief of my mother or father, otherwise they will not love me anymore and I no longer have a right to exist '.

One (or more) of these beliefs can also be in your unconscious as a 'truth'. It is very clear how this can block your growth. How unconsciously you can carry grief and anger of others with you, for fear of not having a right to exist anymore. 

More about thetahealing through this link. 



It is possible to meditate together, through which I can help you see and feel where you are stuck or blocked on a physical and mental level. 
There are different forms of meditation. The one I use the most, is a meditation where I can focus on all levels of your being in a relaxed way and where it possible to gain clear insight in how you function, where you get stuck and how you can solve this. 

With a little practice you can do this for yourself, at home.



Part of my clearvoyance allows me to look 'into the body' of people, when I have their permission. It is like looking with an unltrasound device and sometimes even as clear as an MRI. It can also be more blurry and more visible to me as energy 'knots'.

I can do this over distance and face to face. It is best suited for physical issues  or questions (like; to help you connect to your baby in pregnancy. Or; when you have backproblems and would like to know where it is exactly located and where it is coming from.).


Intuitive counselling.

Everyone has intuition. People who follow their intuition often know how 'direct' this can work for them. If you want to go from A to B, intuition gives the fastest and most effective way (however unlogical this way might seem).

My intuition brings, during a counselling session, often questions in my awareness that I will 'have to' ask (if we are to walk the best path from A to B) and also seeming diversions from the talk, that will later prove to be relevant.



I've been using tarot since I was 15 years old, to clarify certain choices in front of me through the symbolism of the cards.

Sometimes I grab the cards during a session to help me grasp the seemingly unclear.

I can also do 'only tarotspreads' if that is your wish. 



The bodyscan is a part of my clearvoyancy. There is more, however. I can ask myself questions in meditation, which I direct to my own Self or the Self of someone else, about the best approach to a situation. Answers from this have already helped a lot of people (including myself and my loved ones).

Another part of it is the contact with people who passed away. This can also clarify a lot of question marks that would otherwise remain unanswered.

I have helped people to get rid of unwanted energies, like aliens, entities, etc, in a way that they can reproduce themselves if ever needed.



I've been working with homeopathy since 2003. I have worked with Alopathy (which only looks at the best suited remedy to the circumstance or illness), but I've also worked with Classical Homeopathy (which looks at the person to determine the remedy)

Nowadays I work intuitively with Homeopathy, so I don't hang onto any 'one' method.


Non-violent communication

The insights from Marshall Rosenberg inspire me tremendously. In the end it is nothing more or less then 'living in the now' and ' remain within your own space', but given form with great practical handles.

Nonviolent (also called compassionate) communication takes 'empathy' as the basis of communication. In 3 steps; empathically express what you want to convey, empathically listen to the other person and self-empathy (and in my humble opinion it all starts and ends with the latter). Strategy plays no part in this; it is about being real and honest.


In all conversations where emotions (can) play a role - in other words ALL conversations - this is a very effective way of staying connected and at the same time conveying your message and listening to the other person.



This is a form of therapy that is very responsive to what emerges 'in the moment' and where people are viewed from a holistic point of view. I delved into this type of therapy a long time ago and I notice that it can sometimes be a very good way to make a start with clarifying issues that are not 'aware', because it mainly focuses on processes in the here and now.



I have rudimentary knowledge and, more importantly, a strong connection, to astrology. I use astrology mainly to help with a bit of self-knowledge and understanding of others.

With your birthdate, time and place of birth, I can say something about your horoscope, but I don't do predicitions or extended horoscopes. The main thing is; to get insight in why you do or see things in a certain way and what your (subconcious) goal with this is. Also; it can help you understand others and it can give insight into why people react to you in a certain way.